Oblivion Mod Manager Extended

Version 10.12.24

Based on Oblivion Mod Manager 1.1.12
Source Code for XBaseTools




  • Automatically fills OMOD fields for mods downloaded from TES Nexus (except Adult-only since TES Nexus requires a login for those)
  • Check for updates from TES Nexus
  • OMOD Conversion Data list to automatically fill the fields for mods that are not OMOD-ready
  • Overall interface clean up (see screenshots)
  • Script Templates/Prefabs (Manage Prefabs on the top bar in the Script Editor)
  • SelectWithPreviews supports http image links

Interface Clean up
I have cleaned up the interface, most notably the OMOD creator. There is also a bar at the bottom of the main screen that allows you to see the esp/esm’s info, which is useful for long descriptions as the tool tip disappears after a few seconds.

OMOD Conversion Data List
Certain mods without OMOD conversion data will automatically have their fields filled in.

Version 10.6.14 adds a GUI to edit the OMOD CDLs. It is in the Utilities menu.

Put CDL requests or submissions into the discussion under OCD Submissions or OCD Requests

New functions
Currently there is only one new function, SelectNumber, that allows the user to select a number with a minimum and maximum set by the script. (See screenshots)

Help files (obmm.chm) updated to show the features added by OBMMEx and some features not listed in OBMM’s original documentation. Added OBMMEx history and cleaned up the files. Valid for OBMM and OBMMEx.
Added 2 function list index to show easily OBMM functions and structure (collapsible panel).
To see it use the “help” option in the OBMM main interface.

Oblivion Mod Manager – Timeslip
Help Files, OCD List Submissions and Bug Finding – Isabelxxx


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