Batch Editor

Batch Editor is a program for creating lightweight batch file based installers. It supports installation sources as 7-zip LZMA archives or folder sources, and allows you to create shortcuts and registry modifications. The program uses the Decorate Editor executable and is therefore highly customisable, as all the features of Batch Editor are Decorate Editor customisations themselves. It can also be used to edit any batch files.

The program is packaged in an installer made with Batch Editor so you can see what the installers will look like before even using it. 7za.exe and xxmklink.exe are in the publish folder. xxmklink needs to be included to create shortcuts and 7za.exe needs to be included to use 7-zip LZMA archives.

If you used Batch Editor 10.2.27 then you should upgrade as soon as possible as 10.2.27 contains a critical bug.

Download Batch Editor 10.2.28

I accidentally left Royale Noir theme on, so if you want a normal styled application go to Tools -> Set Theme and select standard.cfg and restart the program.

License: GNU GPL v2


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